All-in-one Professional Grade Wireless Security Visonic Powermax Complete is a professional-grade wireless security and personal safety solution especially designed to answer the needs of residential and small office customers. Visonic Powermax Complete packs the full range of communication, configuration and expansion options into a single, modular and cost-effective wireless panel. The built-in internal PSTN communicator and easy-to-add modules make the Visonic Powermax Complete perfectly compatible with the varied needs and budgets of a variety of customers.


Visonic Powermax Wireless Alarm System

Visonic Powermax Wireless Alarm System

The Scantronic 9651EN is a fully programmable, 8 zone security alarm panel designed to conform to PD6662:2004 Grade 2X system requirements. It uses conventional hard wiring and does not have the capability for wireless devices.  

The 9651EN is ideally suited to both home and small commercial security applications, combining maximum flexibility with ease of use to provide optimum security when and where you need it.
Simple A, B, C and D setting buttons let you to split the system into four areas, enabling you to set the whole, or just parts of the alarm protection.

A 9651 panel can be connected to any speech dialler or plug-by digital communicator via its integral communications output socket. Its three fully programmable outputs further enhance system flexibility. A 700 event log, fully date and time stamped to comply with the Association of British Insurers requirements, provides a complete record of system operation and service information.

NACOSS Gold Companies

  •     Have been thoroughly security vetted
  •     Are rigorously inspected twice a year to ensure theyaremaintaining standards in both the quality of installation and how they are run as a business
  •     Are properly insured
  •     Operate a 24 hour call out service(with the ability to respond within 4 hours)
  •     Complete a thorough security survey of your premises
  •     Install reliable, up to date equipment
  •     Issue you with a Certificate of Compliance
  •     Meet the relevant British and European Standards
  •     Operate to the highest level of business excellence through achievement of ISO90001 Quality Management.




Why are NACOSS Gold Companies the best?

NACOSS Gold is only awarded to a company after rigorous checks have been conducted. These companies must display a satisfactory combination of technical expertise and business excellence.

The NACOSS Gold scheme is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS), which is recognised by the government and insurers.

If you want a professional installer that you can trust – look for the ‘owl’ that identifies the installer is approved by the NSI through its NACOSS Gold scheme.