Composite/UPVC Doors

  1. Dropped Door - It is very common for UPVC doors to drop, therefore the alignment is out for locking points with the keeps. It will usually make the door difficult to open, if it can at all! Modern UPVC doors are designed to be fully adjustable so this is usually quick to fix.
    Tip - If the door locks perfectly while in the open position, it is an adjustment issue. However, if it is still hard to lock while in the open position it will more than likely be a mechanical fault, probably needing replacement parts.
  2. Faulty Euro Cylinder - If the key cylinder has failed then our locksmiths can easily replace this part, providing new keys without the need to replace the full mechanism. This will help keep the cost to a minimum.
  3. Faulty Mechanism - If the full length mechanism is faulty, in certain circumstances it is possible to only replace the “Gearbox” (centre lockcase). This keeps the job cost to a minimum. Replacing full mechanisms can be expensive, but in certain scenarios it is unavoidable.

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