Premier Elite wireless burglar alarm kit is the most advanced electronic security solution we offer to our customers to make your world a safer place.The kit comes with control panel, mobile Apps, keypad and access control, motion detectors, door contacts and external sounder. The energy efficient Elite control panel can be programmed from 8 to 48 zones to separately control the security system as per the requirement. Also, it saves up to 500 event logs in history for reference. The mobile App allows you to arm and disarm your security alarm remotely, receive push notifications and check event logs. They require a mobile device running Android V2.2 and above or iOS7 and above. Remote keypad comes with large 32 character LCD display and a built-in proximity tag reader.The Texecom Elite motion detectors are sophisticated devices with  Active IR anti-masking, Triple End-Of-Line (T-EOL) signalling and wall tamper detection.

No Telephone? Get Connected via Sim


The Texecom Elite allows your security system to be connected via a mobile phone SIM card that enables your intruder alarm system to communicate over the GSM networks for system alerts. It can be used as the primary communication or as a back up for the IP (Internet) or PSTN (Telephone) communications in case of communication failure.You can enjoy peace of mind by receiving real time SMS and email alerts using the GSM module.

Next Level Smartphone App

The Texecom Connect App is a smartphone devices. It uses technology to make your lives easier, not more complex. So it has been carefully designed to allow you access to custom features and tailor your app to your own personal and particular needs. The Texecom Connect App adds home automation and end user control to your security system. It features a "Timeline" for direct access to events, direct control over home automation devices, recipes to create home automation effects and pre-set security system modes, to receive push notifications of alarm events and to access your Texecom ip camera (not included in the kit). 


Included in our standard package

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1 x Premier Elite 64-W Control Panel

Texecom Elite control panel supplied and installed by Complete Security comes with inbuilt features that facilitates more devices to be connected to provide increased security, safety and future home automation options. Includes back up battery

1 x Premier Elite LCDLP-W Keypad

Texecom Premier Elite keypad has large blue LCD screen with touchtone backlit keys. It has a built-in proximity tag reader for fast entry and exit.

1 x Texecom Connect SmartCom Hub for Mobile

The Texecom Connect App provides an environment where end you want to interact with your home security system, enjoy the new possibilities and receive the peace of mind that comes with knowledge and control. It has been carefully designed to allow you access to an array of custom features tailored to your own personal and particular needs.

2 x Premier Compact PW-W PIR

Texecom Premier Compact PIR detectors are designed to provide optimum home security. It uses holographic optical technology & advanced digital detection offering up to 35Kgs animal immunity without compromising intrusion detection.

1 x Premier Elite Micro Contact-W

Texecom Premier Compact Door contact provides unobtrusive, discreet security by protecting windows and doors. It is so small that it can be concealed within most uPVC window frames.

2 x Premier Proximity Tags

The Texecom Premier Elite Proximity Tags can be shown infront of the wireless keypad to arm and disarm your burglar alarm. Nothing can be more faster than using proximity tags to lock and unlock your security system.

1 x Premier Elite Odyssey Siren

Premier Elite Odyssey 3 Siren is made of high quality Poly carbonate and comes in a stylish design with a strobe unit that flashes in the event of an alarm.


We are NSI Gold Approved Intruder Alarm System Installers.  If you want a professional installation that you can trust look for the "owl" logo that identifies the installer is approved by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) through its NACOSS Gold scheme.