You can now get your electronic key fobs and smart cards copied at any of our shops. We can copy most types of RFID and magnetic fobs, as well as smart cards. Just pop into our shop and we can scan your fob or card. If we are able to copy it, this can be done while you wait. Many buildings use electronic fobs for parking barriers or communal entrances and it can sometimes be difficult to obtain spares. Thankfully this problem is solved with our new copying service.


What Is A Electronic Key Fob Or Proximity Card Access?

A key fob is not dissimilar to a security card or proximity access card, usually it’s a small piece of hardware within a device with a built in authentication program. In the same way that the keys which are kept on a run of the mill key chain or key fob give secure access to the individual’s home or car, the mechanisms in the key fob give access to information and services within a network.

The fob itself, and devices similar to the fob, provide authentication in a couple of ways: the users PIN, this is the persons personal identification number, which recognizes them and them alone as the owner of the device; after the user correctly enters their Personal Identification number, this fob shows a series of digits which you can then use to log on to a network. Due to a key fob being an object that you can hold in your hand, it is incredibly easy for you to recognize when the fob has been stolen.