NSI Gold – The sign of a reputable security company

If you’re looking for a security company that will offer a genuinely exceptional service; one of the first things to watch out for in your research is accreditations and certifications from professional organisations. In the security industry, the NSI Gold standard is one of the best measures of quality and professionalism.


Above all; here at Complete Security, we take our responsibilities and commitment to our clients very seriously. We know that to maintain our strong reputation; we need to invest in our processes and staff to ensure we’re always at the top of our game. By providing reassurance that you’ve chosen a company that meets stringent high standards; you can relax knowing that you’re in the safest of hands.


What is the NSI?

The NSI started life in 1971, albeit in a different form. Initially created under the name of NSCIA (National Supervisory Council for Intruder Alarms), it was set up to prevent poor quality services and so-called ‘cowboy’ providers in the intruder alarm industry, and two decades later, it joined forces with the Security Systems Inspectorate (SSI) to become NACOSS – the National Approval Council for Security Systems.

Representing a huge step forward in the improvement of industry standards, NACOSS went on to include the regulation of CCTV and access control systems, and was widely recognised and respected by:

  • Insurance companies
  • The police
  • Security consumers

Also around this time, the ISI (Inspectorate of the Security Industry) was formed to cover the security guard sector; around 10 years later they merged with NACOSS, bringing to life the NSI as we now know it.


What does the NSI do?

The NSI provides third-party certification to security companies that meet and can evidence the high regulatory standards as laid out by their requirements. Being approved by the NSI demonstrates that a company’s products, systems and services can be trusted by consumers.

For this reason; the organisation inspects and audits businesses in the sector; determining the standards of their services, and adding successful applicants to their list of trusted companies.


What does NSI Gold standard mean?

The NSI Gold Standard covers both product certification and quality management systems, and is an international standard. Developed to ensure that all approved management systems are formatted according to a specified ISO framework; bringing consistency and transparency through:

  • High level structure
  • Identical core text
  • Common terms and core definitions

This shows a commitment by NSI Gold Standard security companies to manage and continually improve their policies, procedures and processes.


Why choose an NSI Gold Standard security company?

With so many security companies around, it can be hard to filter out the wheat from the chaff; so how do you assess a company’s professionalism? By looking for a certified NSI Gold Standard supplier of course!

This stamp of approval from a well-respected regulatory body is your assurance that the supplier in question works to exceptionally high standards when it comes to both products and quality management systems; so you know you’ll be well looked after throughout your engagement with them.

There are lots of benefits of using an NSI Gold Standard supplier, such as:

  • Evidence that they comply with legislation and regulations
  • The knowledge that they ensure staff are well trained
  • Reassurance that they have been assessed by approved and independent auditors
  • Knowing that their practices and technologies are up-to-date
  • Assurance that their work is covered by appropriate insurance